Saturday, June 22, 2024
pastors at greater risk book cover
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The book Pastors at Greater Risk (2003) is a revised work of Pastors at Risk originally published in 1993. It is perhaps already needing another update due to the peculiar moral decline society is in today and, in step, the increased stress pastors are under. Still, this early 2000's book is just as relevant in its general handling of pastor stress and burnout. It would benefit pastors to read the ageless guidance given within about how to avoid the dangers and pitfalls that could harm them and their pastoral ministries.

Written by H. B. London, Jr., and Neil B. Wiseman, the book contains three sections dealing with risks in the pastor's ministry, his family, and his personal life. It also features an interview between London and Dr. James C. Dobson who also wrote the foreword for the book.

This book review was written by guest contributor BG Jessop and may not reflect the views of Deer Ridge Ministries and its directors David and Louise Decker.