Getaway Registration for Wives of Pastors

Getaway Registration for Pastor Wives

Early Bird Registration Late Registration
Dates Now until Feb. 10, 2023 Feb. 10, 2023 to March 10
Deposit $55.00 $55.00
Due on March 26, 2023 $50.00 $100.00
Total Cost $105.00 $155.00

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The 2023 Deer Ridge Wives Getaway

Please login to register. The 2023 Deer Ridge Wives Getaway is scheduled for March 26-29, 2023. The "Early-bird" registration will require a $55 deposit with all registrations before February 10, 2023. Upon arrival to the Getaway, an additional $50 will be collected. (A total registration of $105.)

After February 10, "Late registration" (February 10 to March 10) will require a $55 deposit. An additional $100 will be due upon arrival. (A total registration of $155.)

All registrations will be due by March 10, 2023. Any cancellations before March 10 will have the $55 deposit returned. Cancellations after March 10, will forfeit their deposit.

Payments for deposits or Getaway payments in full may be done through PayPal or by sending a check along with a registration page printout to:

Deer Ridge Ministries
3085 W. Forest Rd.
Freeport, IL 61032

Login to Register

Note, a registration must be completed here on the Deer Ridge Ministries website.

  1. Use the guest wife login.
  2. Submit the registration form.
  3. Then tap the PayPal button, if that is how you want to pay.

Early registration for our next pastor wives getaway ends in...