2019 Pastors' Wives' Getaway

The news is out....Deer Ridge Wives Getaway 2019 is March 22-23! Some of you have received a hint of the news, so we might as well make it official!

This Spring we plan to hold and "abbreviated" gathering. We will plan to meet on Friday (gathering after 4:00) with a meal together and some fun. Those who are traveling may choose to stay overnight at the local hotel. We will meet Saturday morning for some inspiration and later lunch. The rest is yet to be determined, but we will probably wrap up around 4:00. So...24 hours together in March.

The cost is $25 deposit for EVERYONE. If you plan to stay all night at the Baymont Inn in Freeport, we will collect an additional $25 for hotel, etc. You may register anytime online at our web site.

I will continue to send out reminders as time goes forward. In the meantime, mark your calendars and plan to join some new friends as we spend time being refreshed in March! Can't wait to see you!!! Beverly Harris, Jenny Farrell, Tricia Kay Vandenburgh, Andrea Pasquale Vernon, Lindsey Steele, Nicki Hardine Bradshaw, William-Katie Longmore, Suzy Erb, Jill Carlson, Joy Hotchkiss, Cindy Campbell, Sarah Weeks, Jodi Gregory, April Wagner, Janelle Young, Kristin Caraway, AmyZumdahl, Linda Gary Kirst, Dulce Eastlick, Kris Dempsey, Anna Couch Kodis, Anna Scott McNay, Dianna Green Bush, Kimberly Ingalls, Traci IamVictorious Mason, Cathy Hoover DeVries, Jennifer Buffington, Kerri McGuffin Clark, Janice Fricke, Janice Robins, Amy Kaiser Fletcher, Amy Lynn Kelley, and others,


Many gals left notes of thanks. Here are some of the written comments from a few of our new friends:

“What a unique ministry to an often forgotten group of women.”

“The messages encouraged me in a difficult new endeavor God is calling me to fulfill.”

“Thank-you for allowing me to come, to be encouraged and refreshed that I might partner even better with my husband.”

“This gift has reminded me that I am not alone.”

“I am leaving feeling loved!”

“I deeply appreciate the time and energy you have invested in our lives.”

Previous Getaway Guests